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A-B PLC Migration Solutions

MLX Family of PAC's

Powerful, compact controllers with mixed I/O

The MLX-PLC's combine a SoftPLC CPU and a mixed I/O block that's perfect for many small I/O count applications. If needed, I/O can be added on Ethernet or serial ports. Protocols include Ethernet/IP, ModbusTCP, ModbusRTU, DF1 and others.

Similar to MicroLogix 1400 in size and I/O, plus:

  • Re-use existing MicroLogix or SLC-500 ladder logic & documentation via automated conversion technology
  • Re-use existing HMI applications
  • Communicate peer-to-peer to A-B PLC’s
  • Connect to legacy devices on “blue-hose” RIO or DH+

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A-B PLC Migrations / Upgrades + Gateways to other Protocols

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Our Allen-Bradley Remote I/O and DH+
Gateways are available in stock.

SoftPLC Gateways are the optimal migration solution for Allen-Bradley PLC users - offering the most flexibility and features:

  • Up to 3 "blue-hose" channels - any mix of DH+, RIO Scanner/Master, RIO Adapter/Slave
  • Up to 16 user-selectable protocols supported simultaneously – Ethernet/IP, A-B Ethernet (PCCC), DF1, ModbusTCP, Modbus, & others
  • Feature rich, optimized communications + more!

RIO/DH+ Gateways

Small size

We also still provide A-B PLC Programming Software for PLC-2, PLC-5 and PLC-3's.

  • Software runs on modern Windows 7/10/11 PC's. 
  • Documentation conversions from A-B/ICOM and other obsolete software products.





A-B Migrations

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